Being an expert in the logistics and warehousing sectors, we expanded and diversified our outreach to grow as a service provider in industries catering to pharmaceutical, telecom, textile, home appliance & electronics, and FMCG. Since the beginning of Axpress group 16 years back we have provided services in the core transportation industry and but have gained momentum in ownership of business process, management of logistics and supply chain solutions.

AXP SCM is a 4PL company with an expertise in the following domains:

  • Designing solutions to manage the production planning, controlling and dispatch.

  • Reducing costs in different areas of product consumption from manufacturer to end user.

  • Vendor Procurement

  • Warehouse Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Yard Management

AXP SCM is an Axpress Group company which shall be providing value additional services to its parent logistics company, Axpress Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. Its outreach is going to be in six diverse areas mentioned below:

  • Automobile.

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Telecome

  • Textile

  • Home Appliance & Electronics

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods


Green Axpress with the brand name ‘AXP PACK’ is our novel packaging solution that has taken safety of goods to a higher level. A fleet of standard returnable containers enable us pooling based packaging in shipping, cleaning, preparing and tracking of goods which helps us identify and tackle supply chain pain points efficiently.


  • Packaging Design Development

    We have a dedicated solution design team that specializes in material level knowledge and can design solutions based on inputs provided by the customer about the component / part and produce feasibility reports for all your packaging needs as consultation.

  • Packaging Solutions (Product as a Service)

    The range of products and services offered by AXP PACK are designed keeping in mind the flexible and customized needs of a customer as per their demand. We offer customized solutions

  • Op Ex Model (Returnable Packaging / Pooling)

    The returnable packaging / pooling concept serves in a way that Axp Pack owned plastic Pallets and Crates/Containers are shared by multiple customers. A nominal rent is charged for the use of Crates & Pallets on monthly and per trip basis. It is a growing service to reduce capital expenditures and improve day-to-day supply chain operations for customers.

  • Cap Ex Model

    This service defines a standard product manufactured for use by a single customer specific to the part / component requested by them. The ownership of the packaging product lies with the customer as it is a one time sale by Axp Pack and the services for reverse logistics to keep the supply chain moving can be managed by either Axp Pack or any other logistics provider as opted by the customer.