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Axpress pioneered express distribution service in India in 2002.

Axpress first started operations between Delhi and Pune. After in-depth planning, Axpress launched its operations in all four regions - East, West, South & North in the generic cargo segment.
Axpress business model is different , it choose to focus on the customers needs right from beginning of process to get the material consumed - time bound, point to point delivery. Axpress never operated the transport vehicles on it's own from the beginning itself, instead we developed the Business Partner concept of “Associates”, thus giving rise to a team of entrepreneurs who were independent business partners of Axpress.
The name Axpress was decided after brain storming to prove the class & level of our services “A - class”.
During this time, to keep itself on its toes, Axpress kept revisiting its basic value proposition - service delivery. In 2002, Axpress @web was launched and which in place on these words to equipped its front office with the information to tailor its response to individual customer requirements at one click – shipments tracking, service quality, complaints and more.
Providing vital information to keep customers focused on their core business, Axpress implemented 24x7 call response to understand and manage customer expectations, plan cargos, shipments & routes.

Our Vision

To be a global alliance that is uniquely positioned to offer the best in global logistics services to all the allied industries.

Our Mission

To provide specialist logistic services that are of a consistent, high-quality standard whether in mainstream trades, utilizing conventional modes or complex projects necessitating multi-modal solutions in challenging territories.

To deliver a superior service, compared to the services offered by multi-national operators in the field of freight forwarding, 3PL provision, global logistics and international supply chain management.


Axpress Logistics operations are managed efficiently by a team of well experienced & professionally qualified personnel in their respective fields of activity. The management team who are having vast experience in shipping and allied activities, cargo operations and general business management.

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Message from our founder

Axpress was an initiative aligned with time when it came into being in 2002. India was ready to welcome the concept of integrated logistics solutions including express services, warehousing & distribution, 3 PL along with packaging & forwarding. Throughout its life, Axpress has always tried to stay one step ahead by innovating and transforming its processes, refining service offerings, redefining customer standards internally and externally and using technology to drive up customer satisfaction.

We have implemented best practices to stay ahead and retain our advantage as market leader in safe and timely delivery. Our passion to stay ahead has driven us to explore network synergies and identify possible areas for collaboration and co- operation with B2B customers and partners.

Our assurance to customers has remained unwavering throughout these ten years. We are trying to keep the promise we made to our customers every day.

People have been our assets and prime movers in our journey towards service excellence and we would like to honor and return what we have received from them in double. All Axpress’s corporate initiatives have contributed to tangible and intangible value additions to its network of stakeholders.

Axpress has always nurtured the entrepreneurial spirit in people whether theyare Axpress associates or others who are connected with Axpress directly and indirectly.

Our Team

Our team is our most valuable resource and the main reason for our success. We are passionate, focused & committed to harnessing the power of our customers through the power of service. Axpress Logistics has an experienced & dynamic team that drives the company passionately towards its goal.